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Quality Begins with a Solid Foundation

The Local Company in Mansfield, Vic for all your needs in Ready-Mix Concrete, whether it be for Domestic, Decorative, Industrial or Commercial use.

Quality. Service. Expertise.

Mansfield Pre Mix Concrete, the local company, has been helping to build Mansfield and it’s surrounding communities, including Mt Buller, for over 30 years.

Our business was founded on the values of providing quality ready mix concrete, great customer service and a variety of concrete mix designs, all of which enables us to cater for all concrete construction requirements.

Our focus continues to be on these values, so that we will remain the concrete supplier of choice for the local region.

Our Products

Normal Class concrete is the term applied to a range of standardised concrete as defined by Australian Standard AS1379.

Under this class we supply a broad range of concrete mixes in various strengths.

Standard strengths include 15, 20, 25, 32, and 40mpa and depending on your application, are available in either a 7mm, 14mm or 20mm maximum aggregate size.​

Our standard concrete range will satisfy most everyday construction requirements and we aim to offer the highest of quality concrete, for tasks that include: Foundations, House Slabs, Retaining Walls, Garage & Shed Slabs, Footpaths, Driveways, Posts Holes, House Stumps, Cross Overs, Drainage Pits, Kerb & Guttering.


With a growing range of decorative concrete mixes, the following finished surfaces options available.

Exposed Aggregate surface - Discover and highlight the natural beauty of locally quarried Australian aggregates and sands by washing away the concrete surface and exposing the aggregates below, this results in a subtly textured aggregate finish.

Coloured Concrete finish - Individualize your project using highly pigmented oxides, which are blended into the concrete to produce the coloured surface of your choice, a large variety of colours are available to choose from.

Ground/Polished Slab finish – Grinding & Polishing the hardened concrete surface reveals the natural colours and features of the aggregates and sands in the concrete, this process normally results in a truly magnificent surface finish.

These speciality surface finishes will leave you with a beautiful and distinctive surface for your special project, whether for an indoor or outdoor application.

If you require a specialised concrete mix design, we have the capacity to supply specialty mixes for the following applications:

Spray Mixes for swimming pools, Shotcrete for sloping ground stabilisation, No-Fines Concrete for drainage purposes and Water-Proofed Concrete for durable watertight constructions. 

Other speciality mixes available for specific applications include fibre Concrete, High Slump Concrete, Flowable Fill, Corefill/Blockfill and Stabilised Sand.

If you feel you have a “special mix” requirement, please give us a call, we are more than happy to chat about how we can help bring your vision to life.


Our Clients & Suppliers

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Boral Cement


Lang Construction


Mt Buller

Lang Construction


Mt Buller

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Lima South Quarry

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